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How it Works

Select the scents you'd like to return and tell us why.

Submit your return and get your prepaid return label.

Pack your return and ship it off within 4 days. Remember, you save $45 if you keep all 3 scents in the Bundle Kit.

Common Returns Questions

How do I start a return?

  • Start by inputting your order # (or email) and shipping zip code above so we can find your order. 
  • You will then be asked to select the scents you would like to return and why.
  • Once your return is processed, you'll receive step-by-step instructions and a prepaid USPS shipping label in the portal and via email.

What items are returnable?

  • Any full-size bottles in your Snif Kit that are unopened and sealed in original packaging. Returns must be submitted here by the end of your 7-day trial period.

What items are non-refundable?

  • Any full-size bottles that have been opened, or those where the plastic seal has been torn or removed.
  • Any products that have been damaged post-delivery.
  • Product orders that fall outside the trial period window. 

How should I package my return?

  • Simply ship the fragrances back in the kit they arrived in. No need to send back the samples, they are yours to keep. 
  • If your Snif mailer is in good shape, please reuse it to ship back your kit. If it is damaged or torn, feel free to use a standard cardboard shipping box. If you do use your own outer box, we ask that you use a protective filler to make sure that your kit is returned safely and undamaged. 

How much will I pay?

  • Each fragrance is $65 unless you ordered a Bundle Kit and decide to keep all 3. 
  • If you ordered the Bundle Kit and keep all 3 fragrances, you save $45 and pay $150. 

When will my card be charged?

  • If you choose to keep some scents and return others, we will adjust your total balance and only charge you for the full-size bottles you keep after your return has been processed. 
  • If you return all the scents in your Snif Kit, we will drop the card authorization once your return has been processed and you will not be charged. 

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